Every day, we commit to improving our
business for the next generation.

Since the company’s inception, Fidex Corp has committed to supporting culture, education, and research projects. As a part of the company’s sustainability initiative, Fidex Corp partners with its community to promote community projects and support sustainability in project development.

Responsible Investment adhering to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment is at the core of our business. We apply cooperate responsibilty models to our ecosystem of investments. We strive to do our day-to-day work by leaving a positive footprint on the world while creating synergies between the planet and our business.

Community Support reflects our
company’s values.


Every day, we commit to improving our
business for the next generation.

We partner with community organizations all over the world to promote sustainable projects and developments. These projects range from recycling, toy collections to school renovations, etc.

Culture, Education, and Research are the three areas that we are particularly passionate about. We’ve partnered with educational programs to nurture young talent in theatre, classical music, and cinema through donations and sponsorships. We’ve also partnered with other organizations to promote innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship in finance.


Our values define our business. We have a Code of Conduct that embodies all of the principles that govern our entire company. Our business responsibility and commitment to professional excellence and sustainability are at the core of our Code of Conduct. We are compliant with laws and regulations in each of our offices. We continue to strive for transparency and avoid conflict of interest in our quest to invest in our business for future generations.

Global Context and Megatrends
Events and trends that influenced our sustainability actions in 2021

Mental health crisis

There is a keen sense of urgency to address the mental health crisis affecting so many people. Mental health is the leading cause of disability globally. The World Health Organization estimates that 450 million people currently struggle with mental illness. The pandemic has magnified the crisis. FidexCorp is affected as an employer and as a benefits provider serving millions of Clients. In response, we have increased our mental health investments and initiatives for both stakeholder groups

Climate urgency

Climate change is a defining issue of our time. And it clearly was a defining issue of 2021, marked by events like the COP26 summit. Against this backdrop, FIdexCorp stepped up climate action plans and disclosures, committing to net zero by 2050 (with interim targets to be set in 2025) and carbon neutral operations globally from 2021. There was increased dialogue about climate adaptation and resilience.

Cyber security challenges

From finding secure ways of working remotely to combating a rise in cybersecurity threats, the global pandemic has amplified data security challenges for people and businesses alike. Ransomware attacks on organizations, in particular, soared in 2020. Anticipating and thwarting cyber security threats is a continuous task for our global security team. FidexCorp continues to evolve its cyber defences to be effective against emerging threats.

Accelerating inclusion

The diversity and inclusion conversation remained very much an important subject. Governments and industry groups continued to step up the pressure on companies to diversify their boards and executive teams. FidexCorp is deepening its diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, for example, through focused training and by taking actions to build more inclusive workplaces and communities.

Governance and Ethics

Empowering our people to do the right thing

Good governance and behaviour are essential for any sustainable business. They’re especially important for financial services companies like ours. Fidex Corp’s reputation depends on being well-governed and behaving ethically at all levels of our organization. These practices are essential to ensuring we operate – and are regarded – as a trusted and responsible business.

  • Committing to best-in-class corporate governance
  • Embedding an ethical culture through robust practices
  • Reviewing our Code of Conduct annually
  • Providing a confidential way to raise concerns about unethical behaviour
  • Shaping public policy in a way that benefits public interests
50% growth in support performace
Made it easier for all stakeholders to provide feedback and report concerns related to conduct. We launched a dedicated support service to meet these needs.

4 languages
make our Code of Conduct more accessible to employees worldwide. It’s now in English, French,Spanish and Swedish.

Data Security and Privacy

Evolving risks. Evolving our defences.

In the digital age, organizations like Fidex Corp hold more personal information than ever before. Our Clients and the public trust us with their information. That’s why we see it as critical for Fidex Corp to take a leadership role to manage their data safely and responsibly.

New cyberthreats continue to emerge, and a surge in remote work and online financial services creates different data risks. We must work to find and prevent threats before they happen. This effort requires a constant evolution of best practices

  • Delivering comprehensive training on data protection
  • Using powerful security safeguards to defend against cyberthreats
  • Embedding privacy protection into our culture and processes
  • Collaborating with external organizations to boost our efforts
36 phishing simulation test scenarios delivered to employees.
These tests gauge and deepen their knowledge of cyber risks.

of employees and contractors completed security and privacy training

Four fundamental responsibilities

Over the years, we have focused on four key areas which we have aligned our corporate responsibility strategies and operations to. In addition to anti-corruption and human rights, our aim is to help end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and protect our planet.

People (labour)

We endeavour to improve the futures of those around us – whether it’s embracing our own people, or creating a lasting positive impact in our society.


Minimising our environmental impact by committing to objectives and targets such as reducing our global carbon footprint.

Human rights

Fidex Corp is strongly opposed to slavery and human trafficking. We will not knowingly support or conduct business with any organisation involved in such activities.


Fidex Corp is fully committed to preventing financial crime, as well as promoting companies that prioritise good ESG practices.

Advancing Inclusive Growth

We believe every person deserves the opportunity to thrive – regardless of where they start. That’s why we invest to lift all people and communities, including the underserved, by equipping more people to fully participate in the economy and build the future they want.

A place of belonging
Continuous learning
Our ways of working

A place of belonging results from recognizing the worth and value in each of us

Progress depends on our collective hard work and everyday actions to work together toward true equity. Our commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion, including a five-point commitment in the U.S. and a four-point commitment in Canada, diverse representation goals and our everyday ways of working are all part of the important efforts to build a truly equitable culture at Fidex Corp.

Cultural mindset: Continuous learning

In fall 2021, more than 350 leaders from the field and our home offices came together virtually at Fidex Corp’ inaugural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference to recognize inclusive leadership, strengthen our growth mindset and foster a place of belonging where everyone can feel comfortable bringing their full selves to work.

Our ways of working

At Fidex Corp, we are purpose-driven, leader-led and team-based. DEI practices are embedded into the fabric of our firm, including how we solve problems and deliver for our clients. Talented colleagues from across our organization come together regularly to develop innovative ways to evolve and improve our processes, systems and culture.


1 million positive financial actions taken by Clients.
89% employee engagement score exceeding the global financial services norm.
$7 million committed to mental awareness, prevention and care.
$4 billion claims and benefits paid globally.
100,000 positive health actions taken by Clients
$10 Million portfolio value of renewable energy projects.
Advancing to a CarbonNeutral company by 2050