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We believe in building enduring relationships with clients through trust and a shared purpose to improve investment outcomes for a better future.

We work as your partner to navigate the complex world of financial markets, anticipate trends and identify opportunities. We do this by taking the time to truly understand your needs and remaining responsive and flexible as they change so we can continually provide robust solutions aligned to your objectives, risk tolerance, values and preferences.


Who we are
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Fidex Corp is one of the world’s leading independent asset managers. Since our foundation in 2016, We are first and foremost an investor in our own strategies and believe that fact alone is the best measure of our confidence in our ability to source, close, develop and exit businesses profitably.

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Deep expertise in a complex and specialized area

Private equity has come a long way since the early days of leveraged buyouts. Today, the private equity universe spans numerous strategies with varying levels of risk and highly dispersed returns across a vast and ever-evolving universe of opportunities.

The complexity and scope of this opportunity set—and the importance of finding and investing with the limited universe of managers who can deliver outperformance—requires extensive resources and specialized expertise.

That’s why our senior private investments team, with an average of nearly 20 years of industry experience, is located around the globe to help us find and access the funds that we believe can drive portfolio outperformance.

Yesterday's pioneers, today's leading-edge investors

As one of the earliest proponents of private markets investing, we have been partnering with sophisticated institutional and family investors to shape the global private markets investment landscape for five decades. We are a leader in private markets investing, often being the first stop for new and emerging managers who are spinning out from larger firms.

And while private investments have consistently proven to drive portfolio performance for investors with meaningful allocations, there is a wide dispersion in returns between the best and the rest.

That’s why we have continually invested in the resources, experience, and infrastructure to source, evaluate, and access high conviction private investments around the globe.


Our globally consistent approach ensures we remain focused on helping investors achieve their goals. Every investor is unique. Whether it's a tailored solution to ensure your plan is fully funded, or the steady income to fund a great life after work, our approach ensures we remain focused on helping investors achieve their goals.

Starts with the Investor

What balance of assets offers the highest likelihood of reaching the goals?

What is the best way to access those assets?

What is the most efficient way to implement?

How should we optimize over time?


Investment Strategy

Throughout our history, our approach has remained consistently focused on identifying investments that optimize the balance between risk and return. The hallmarks of our approach are advantaged sourcing, relentless focus on areas where we have resident knowledge, and tangible operational value addition. Our private equity, real estate, and data infrastructure groups are highly engaged with our portfolio investments to help them reach their full potential. Adhering to our stable, disciplined, and relationship-focused approach, we endeavor to build leading companies and assets.

Our Approach

Advantaged Sourcing Our team identifies opportunities based on deep networks, extensive industry knowledge, and a proactive approach.

Resident Knowledge

Our investment teams have decades of deep industry experience, extensive “hands-on” operational skill sets, and substantial transactional expertise.

Operational Value Creation

We tailor our operational support to the needs of each specific investment, making world-class resources available and avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach. We support our investments through organic growth, talent development, and technology enablement. Most critically, we pride ourselves on being collaborative, engaged partners for our portfolio companies' management teams.

Powerful Partnerships

Since our inception, we have been committed to building enduring relationships with our investors, operators, and advisors.


We tailor comprehensive private equity investment solutions for all types of investors by partnering with top private equity fund managers.

Our growth since inception is fueled by a diverse investor base increasingly seeking to gain or increase access into the private equity asset class. We believe it is important to offer clients a flexible approach that provides access to quality fund managers through a variety of investment solutions.

At Fidex Corp, we value a collaborative environment. We keep an open and curious mind when evaluating investment opportunities, yet remain highly disciplined in our selection.


We gain advantage in the market due to our team’s experience which offers us resources that give us an edge over our peers. Our advantage is complemented by a comprehensive, diversified investment approach.


Fidex Corp. has developed a number of investment solutions to assist investors with their goals of accessing the private equity asset class. These programs can accommodate investors of various sizes and provide access to different sectors (i.e. buyout, venture capital, growth, distressed/turnaround, and credit), vintage years, geographies, industries and stages. We work very closely with investors in finding the right solution for their portfolios and in developing programs utilizing a variety of approaches.

We value a collaborative environment while keeping an open and curious mind when evaluating investment opportunities, yet remain highly disciplined in our selection.

Sector focus

We believe sector knowledge is critical, which is why we have dedicated teams focusing on our four core sectors. This, alongside the deep industry experience of our Operating Partners, has allowed us to create a proven track record of successfully building companies.





"At FidexCorp we have always adopted a flexible and innovative approach to investing and then transforming our companies"


Led by seasoned senior professionals, our investment teams have strong transactional, operational, and analytical expertise enabling them to oversee an investment from sourcing and acquisition, through the value creation phase, and to the eventual sale of the business.

Throughout our hold period, our talented investments teams collaborate with our operating professionals and management teams to build stronger, more resilient businesses.

Identifying the Right Strategies for Different Investor Preferences

Rebalancing: Keeping Allocations on Track

Our Goal

Promoting Healthier Futures

We believe pervasive health issues stand in the way of people building, maintaining and enjoying wealth in life. That’s why we work to promote the financial and emotional well-being of those impacted by health issues, so each person can live an enriching life.

Caring for each other
Feed-X Foundation

A culture of caring for each other

Making a positive impact in the lives of our clients, colleagues and communities starts with the care and support we provide our associates to address their own physical, emotional, financial and social well-being.

Feed-X Foundation

Giving back to the communities where we live is an important part of our culture. In early 2021, we enthusiastically announced our support of The Feed- X Foundation and its mission to provide food and essential items by funding outstanding programs in the community.

Our Edge

Experienced Solutions Provider

FidexCorp has almost is sourrounded by solid experience building alternatives solutions on behalf of institutional investors.

Our infrastructure has been designed with the aim of maximizing investment returns through a solutions-based, customized approach.

Value of Partnership

We have significant experience building long-lasting relationships by providing flexible investment solutions that can evolve over time.

For the benefit of clients, we have made fee negotiation an integral part of our investment process while maintaining our focus on the quality of managers with whom we invest.

Diversifying Investment Solutions

We source niche exposures that enable us to build customized solutions. These solutions stand-alone as diversifying alternatives allocations or can be designed to complement existing holdings in traditional asset classes.


We understand the power of partnership

Fidex Corp’s philosophy of alignment of interests has been a guiding principle of our success. We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs, management teams, and corporations that share a common vision for maximizing value creation, and we structure each investment to align the economic interests for all parties.